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Shameless self promotion.

We are pretty lazy and/or busy with other things, so there’s no time frame for any of it. Ohh well, guess it’ll happen eventually! As we’re so diplomatic, we haven’t had much time to put together a portfolio. We’ll get to that whenever we have nothing better to do. To be honest though, it’s not really a priority at this very moment. Whilst most companies will start with their portfolios, we think it’s far more important to get the actual foundation right. There’s no point showing the world your work if you can’t survive long enough to live through the actual day to day running of the business. We will get something up here sooner rather than later though, so if you check back every once in a while, you might see something here other than this text.

So you’d like to know more..

If you are interested in what we’ve done, and what we plan to do, we’ve accomplished quite a bit in our previous professional lives. Our clients in previous jobs have included Coca Cola, Levis, British Airways, Volvo, Nokia, Apple, Three, Yahoo, Fairfax, Macquarie Bank, Australia Post, Consolidated Press, Mushroom Records/Publishing/Pictures, Liberation Records, V2 Records, Various Councils, etc. We may be a bunch of slacker kids who got together cause we had nothing better to do, but we also mean serious business. We’re also not sales people, which is another one of our strengths… and we never wear suits. One thing we won’t do is try and confuse our potential clients with buzzwords and pie charts that have no actual relevance to the actual work we do. We keep our work and ethics clean, so you won’t find your site blacklisted with a new Google algorithm update… so you can be sure we’re in this for the long haul. And if things do start getting tough, you won’t find us changing our name and trying to con our clients again. We’ll work out why it’s getting tough, and we’ll fix it.