Highlands by Design

Highlands by Extreme Noise Terror

For some wacked out reason, people seem to want to know what we have in the recording studio. To stop people asking, here are some photos of random gear we have set up in the basement. We do the odd band recording of friend’s bands, so that’s kinda fun sometimes. The quality of the recordings ain’t that bad either, with stuff being played on stations like Triple J, Triple M, 2SER, 2FBI, Nova, etc. We tend to favour weird indie/electronic stuff though, so we never record anything that anyone actually likes.

Peavey AMR2400 Desk
Snare mic'ed with a 57
Sherman Filterbank
Crazy Casio Sampler
Ensoniq Pedal
Nord Lead
Rat Pedal
Acoustic Guitar
Speak and Spell
a typical rack or something

So yeah, nothing terribly interesting there, except for the Sherman… oh and the AMR Desk is pretty nice. By far our favourite pieces of gear! One day it’d be nice to have a wall of modular synths or something.