Highlands by Design

We do anything for love (but…)

We can offer our clients everything from simple 2,000 page brochures to complex interactive web experiences. We can also (and this is a work in progress) explain the Internet, web sites and search engines through the magic of pantomime. It’s a huge hit at corporate conferences, especially when we bust out the coke during the scene where we beg for venture capitalist cash! We might also be offering a “We come to you” service where we rock up in an old ice cream van painted blood red, and we knock out a website at your office in less than 20 minutes! That’ll be fun.

Web sites, hosting and all that sorta stuff.

Sometimes we make web sites, and as that’s we probably do best, that’s where we’ll start. We not only build you a great looking site, we’ll also use clean compliant code (xhtml/css) so your sites validate and are easy to index for search engines. All our sites are dynamically driven using ‘internet magic’, so if you ever need something updated, you just need to face west before snapping your fingers. By making dynamic pages, we can also ensure that you get more for you hard earned dollars as it makes it easy to organise pages by any attribute you wish. You want a page that only contains images of selected staff sun-baking in the Bahamas? easy – just face east and stomp your feet! Not only that, site hosting might also be provided, which includes the usual email (imap, smtp, pop, webmail) and all that other sort of stuff you’d usually expect.

Search engine optimisation.

It’s important to be on the main search engines. By optimising your site for the major search engines and directories, you’ll be found when people need to find you. What’s the point in having a site if you’re not there in those moments of sheer panic (“I need a caffeine hit and I need it now! Why can’t I find caffeine dealers in Mittagong?!?”). We realise it must be a disgraceful experience to search for your own business, and not even come up on the first 14,000 result pages. What must people think of you? We shudder to think!

CD-ROM/DVD authoring.

Need a presentation for a conference? Well forget using Powerpoint… get us to build you a presentation with sound, video and lots of stuff that bounces around the screen. You need to keep people’s attentions at these things, and a screen filled with Comic Sans and a bunch of sales jargon just ain’t gonna cut it. By using applications like Word for Windows and Max/MSP/Jitter, we can turn your next mind numbing business conference into a mind-blowing journey to the centre of the universe that will not only confuse your prospective business investors so much that they will demand sexual favours, it’ll also ensure a constant stream of gold coin donations to your favourite social causes. We can also build Kiosk applications, DVD movies, and Flash websites, but only if you ask nicely and with some clarity.

Print work, CD/DVD covers and all that jazz.

But wait, there’s more! If you contact us within the next 12 and a half years, we’ll also design your brochures, letterheads, newsletters, and even garage sale pamphlets for a price so affordable, you won’t need to auction off your kidney or ebay your first born. We can turn your amazing ideas and concepts into a product so razor sharp, it’ll give everyone who touches it moderate paper cuts. With zero experience in the print industry, we kinda think we know enough lingo to project an image of competence, and we’re willing to use your money to see if it’s actually true.