Highlands by Design

Contact us. We need the attention!

This is thing. We don’t know how to use email. Apparently someone sent us an email telling us we’d won over 15 billion dollars in some overseas lottery, and we were so excited, we kinda smashed every computer connected to the Internet within a 14 mile radius. So yeah, now we have no access to any email. Even if we did have access to email, chances are we wouldn’t know how to use it. It’s just too damn complicated!

Ohh, let me tell you a little story… I used Internet Explorer once, and there was a big flashing banner that said “You have email!“. I clicked it thinking “Wow awesome… finally someone has written to me on the emailz! kekekekeke! =^..^=“, but all I got was some funny cursors that wouldn’t leave me alone. Then I found someone had emptied out my bank account, compromised my computer’s ability to tell me the time accurately, and then my car’s alternator just died. Since that horrific day, I’d decided that using email was evil.

If you do want to contact us, you could find us on Efnet or Freenode somewhere. We’re often hanging out around there, walking the talk and talking the walk. Otherwise you could come to Bowral and try to find us there. We’re usually passed out in some back alley, or hunched over in a random toilet cubicle at any of the various local pubs. Occasionally we can be found walking along Bong Bong street carrying a lantern. See it’s not so hard to contact us is it? We hope to hear from you soon!