Highlands by Design

Blogs make us laugh! HAHAHA!

There’s a blog here somewhere, but well, it’s hidden! Think of it as some kind of Easter Egg feature of the website. It’s a really informative blog too, with a lot of information regarding all the things you love. Do you love chocolate? Well our blog is 99% chocolate. We have white and dark, caramel fillings, microwave melted just how you like it! It sure does sound yummy! We hope you manage to find it!

We also write about stuff like the Internet, and Web 2.0!!!!! We love Web 2.0, but probably not as much as you. The problem is we’re not really all that social-able. We don’t even have friends in the real world, so it would feel like cheating to have 243,000 friends on FaceSpace or MyFriends or whatever the hell those websites are called. Anyway, back to the blog! Ohh yeah, we also like writing about SEO. That other 1% is all SEO. 200 posts about nothing but PageRank and BackLinks. Man that sure does sound exciting! Actually there’s nothing of any importance on the blog, it’s just some WordPress themes we’d released and well… that’s kinda it. It’s all a bit disappointing really!