Highlands by Design

Hey do you like poetry?

Being the angsty individuals we are, we just love to write poetry. The problem is we're all too old for angst, so what we've done is hired a bunch of Emo/Goth teenagers for $3.50 an hour to write poetry just for you. Make no mistake, these words are authentic - direct from the fragile slashed up wrists and fingers of angst ridden teenagers themselves! In fact we've gone one better... we decided they have to work 24/7 so they're sitting here right now writing poetry everytime you refresh the page! No joke, hit refresh and someone here will write up a poem just for you.

cybernetic disposal

final obituary was our glow from the television tubes

personality as a fad to suffer nobody's fusing your atoms

objective struggle are already his patriarchy

pixelated emotions we weren't nobody's music gene

postmodern cracks so we sought out their interpretation of Kierkegaard