Highlands by Design

Hello world!

We’re just converting this over to WordPress! Why? We have no idea. I guess you could say we’re quite bored.

We also figured we should put the WordPress themes we’ve released somewhere, so if anyone needs any support, we could try to help them out!

So why release WordPress themes?

It’s a bit of fun really. We love designing things, even if they usually serve no real purpose. The WordPress theme thing is interesting though, as you can often watch a theme develop as people take them and start mucking around with them. It also allows us to design things (no matter how bad or ridiculous), and if someone does decide to use them, it finds a purpose. It’s win/win!

Content ain’t king around here.

As well as enjoying designing things, we also find immense satisfaction in building websites. The themes kinda let us promote the sites we build. Most times we just build a site, and then get motivated by something else, so they never fully develop. Sadly we’re not really content oriented people. Maybe one day, if we ever manage to make enough money to put food on the table for 4 people, we might hire someone that loves content. Until then though, we’ll just continue building stuff.

So yeah, eventually we’ll put up info, links, and images of the themes we have released, as well as put up new templates as we find time to build them.

posted on the 23rd of April, 2007 in News | 1 Comment